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At the original Wayback on 38th street we installed a LUXUL network, Audio from ELURA and RTI with Streaming from SONOS. Cameras from LUX and IC RealTime.

We installed the speakers above the ceiling slats allowing the clean lines of the interior to be uninterrupted while still providing balanced, detailed audio throughout the space.

At the new Wayback on Tennyson we brought over much of the audio system from the original location with speakers from ELURA, amplification from RTI and streaming from SONOS. The network was upgraded to our fully monitored enterprise class system by ARAKNIS. We also have voice over IP phones through NEXTIVA for a streamlined hospitality experience.

4K SAMSUNG tv’s over the front bar area and in the back lounge. In this dark space, when the TV’s are off they nearly disappear into their surroundings. When there is a game or special event, or during happy hour, they are bright, crisp displays.

We work hard to integrate our speakers and displays into these beautiful spaces so that they are only noticed for the ambiance they provide but do not distract from the impact of the design intended by the architects and interior designers.

At Wayward we took over an existing restaurant space. We added more wiring for an ARAKNIS network. We integrated SONOS streaming into the existing speaker system. We utilized the existing camera wiring to upgrade to a full HD LUMA system for security coverage.

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Denver, Colorado
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Project Team

Harley Ellis
Harley Ellis
Founding Partner - COO
Ellis Audio Video
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Professional, Prompt and Responsive
– Chad Michael George, The Wayback –

We at the Way Back couldn’t be happier with the work that Ellis Audio Video did for us. From day one, they were professional, prompt and responsive. Even months after completion, they were available when we needed help with technical issues and were always just a phone call away. Their pricing was competitive, and their knowledge was head and shoulders above the competition. A/V and security can be easy to overlook, and I highly encourage hiring the professionals from Ellis Audio Video to get the job done right the first time.

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