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Steakhouse 316

Steakhouse 316 in Boulder is an absolutely beautiful restaurant. We worked with the owner to help the space have the feel he was after. Audio is covered with architectural, color matched speakers from EPISODE, amplification from RTI and streaming from SONOS.

With 38 speakers in this 2800 sqft. restaurant you can hear clear, crisp audio everywhere you are. With multiple zones allowing for different volume levels and optimized EQ, the space is simply covered in beautiful sound throughout. Patio, Front entry, Lounge, Bar, Dining room and even the downstairs lounge and bathrooms. It’s seamless. It sounds incredible.

In our coordination with the builder and the painter we were able to hide our EPISODE architectural speakers into the soffits that surround the lounge, bar and dining room. You can see one here at the top center of the picture.

When the restaurant is full of patrons enjoying themselves in a volumous happy hour or in a more subdued dinner hour, our sound system can be easily adjusted through SAVANT to change volume and coverage for the different areas to best match the mood of the space.

A 130” 4K film screen from DRAGON FLY was installed in a custom valance above the large trifold window in the lounge. Completely hidden when not in use, with the push of a button it lowers to cover the entire window. 4K HD video from the SONY projector offers a bright, crisp image. Audio from APPLE TV or XFINITY can be sent to the speakers in the bar and lounge or spread through the entire space for a large game or event.

Clean wiring inside our WIREPATH equipment rack located in the basement. Powerful 8 zone 16 channel amps from RTI offer 75 watts of power to each of the 38 speakers in the restaurant. Taking time to wire like this keeps things organized and easy to troubleshoot should service be required in the future.

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Project Team

Harley Ellis
Harley Ellis
Founding Partner - COO
Ellis Audio Video
Kipling Garnett
Kipling Garnett
Denver Installation Manager
Ellis Audio Video
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