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Rush Cycle

Rush Cycle is a modern spin studio that is known for its high energy and high-volume workouts.  Saddling up on a spin bike with the energy of a weekend dance club.

We worked on three Denver Metro locations for this emerging franchise in Highlands Ranch, Wash Park and LoHi.  EAV worked with the franchise hired design firm to flush out their approach and land on a repeatable suite of products that would translate again and again to each new expanded location in Colorado and Nationwide.

Sonos speakers for the lobby and locker rooms.  Nest cameras for interior and exterior security coverge.  Araknis network for back of house operations, a front facing guest WiFi network, and the Nextiva VOIP Phone system.  OVRC to keep a close eye on each location and minimize any truck rolls when issues arose.

The studio required a more Pro-Audio approach for both the volume levels as well as integrated microphones for the instructors.  Club level audio came from Powered QSC speakers. Shure wireless headsets and body packs made sure that each instructor was heard clearly over the music. Yamaha MTX processing ensured that the EQ of the space accommodated the kind of pumped-up energy expected and that the voices came through without echo or interference.

Product Location
Denver, Colorado
Product Brands
  • Audio,
  • Network,
  • Cameras

Project Team

Harley Ellis
Harley Ellis
Founding Partner - COO
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